Morston Hall Norfolk U12's Results 2013 Season

Morston Hall Norfolk U12's Results 2013 Season
Season Report Norfolk U12's.

Played 13, won 11, lost 2

What a fantastic season! The players did not disappoint, and performed in all respects, hard work generating the results we got. What we learnt is our fielding has been at a higher level than any of our opponents, and in several matches this was the biggest difference. We also found if a bowler had an off day, we had a depth of squad that allowed us to adapt. If a batsman lost his wicket, there was someone just as good replacing them. This gave the players confidence to play their best, rather than nerves.

When fielding, bowling and batting is at a high standard, a good day for a bowler like Ben Lockwood's 6 wickets at Suffolk, made the batsman's job easy, likewise a good day for a batsman like Flynn Drinkell's quick 126 not out makes the bowlers job easier. Over the season, seven 50's for the batsmen plus Dan Arnold with 22 wickets and Charlie Rogers 20 wickets. A talented set of players, with the middle order challenging for higher roles and the newcomers having a noticeable impact. 

With everyone wanting to improve, we can look forward to next year and build on this success. Well done to the boys.

Season Match reports

Lincolnshire U12 v Norfolk U12 at Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire 6th May 2013
Toss lost and Lincs batted first, although a batsman's wicket, they were held to 175 by good fielding with Charlie Rogers 3 for 26 the best. The chase saw a patient 77 from Sam Blackiston, finishing with an all round effort by Dan Arnold adding to his 2 wickets by quickly getting the last runs with 2 balls to spare, winning the game. An exciting end that could have been more comfortable, with enough done, but the players all capable and wanting to do more.

Norfolk U12 v Cambridgeshire U12 at Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire 19th May 2013

Toss lost and Cambs bowled first on a slightly dead wicket, low bouncing meant low runs, 147 did not seem enough but a hard earned 48 by Tyler Murphy with 44 from Toby Adams got us there, the outs coming with the need to set the run-score, still having 9 wickets left after 126 runs. The fielding was sharp, Tyler Murphys bowling even sharper, getting 5 for 15 after 5. That saw us return the favour of tight bowling with even less width and a steady flow of wickets, winning comfortably as Cambs could only manage 106 runs.

Norfolk U12 vs Essex U12 - Barton Turf, 2nd June 2013

On 2nd June Essex came to Bartons Turf, we won the toss and put Essex in to bat, they started at a pace, and the openers stayed in for 11 overs, their number 3 then came in and stayed nearly to the end setting 183 for 6, credit to Dan Arnold (2 for 29 after 8) and Charles Rogers (2 for 19 after 8). Norfolk came to bat, an early wicket saw Flynn Drinkell in, also at number 3, who got the best of the runs (42) the run chase fell just 9 short, notching up the first loss for over a year.

Norfolk U12 vs Suffolk U12's - Bury St Edmunds, 4th June 2013

On 4th June we met Suffolk at Bury St Edmunds, winning the toss again, but choosing to bat first this time, losing our openers quickly, then a steady loss of wickets, Hudson DeLucchi (42) the best. We set 152, but did not use all our overs, this was not a problem as Suffolk did not really change from first gear, with the run rate always a struggle from our opening pace bowlers (Dan Arnold and Will Grisley), then Ben Lockwood taking 6 wickets in as many overs, to gain a win for Norflolk, more comfortable than the 7 runs suggests.

Norfolk U12's vs Hunts U12's - Bradfield CC, 16th June 2013

On Sun 16th June 2013 the Norfolk U12 team met Huntingdonshire County Cricket Club U12's at Bradfield CC, with a fine wicket prepared for the game. Norfolk won the toss, electing to bat, but the runs proved difficult to build, the best from opener Flynn Drinkell (56 not out), the team setting what appeared a low 138 for 5 after 40 overs. The runs were even harder for Hunts, not only did the wicket not give runs, the fielding from Norfolk was exceptional. A mix of several maidens and wicket maidens, with pairs for Freddie Steward (2 for 14 after 4), Charles Rogers (2 for 22 after 8) and the best for Dan Arnold (2 for 8 after 6). Norfolk wicket keeper Charlie Nunn responsible for a stumping and two catches, one of which was barely believable. The rest of the fielding stifled Hunts with hardly a player getting double figures. Hunts all out in the 36th over, Norfolk winning by 46 runs.
Victory photo attached-

Mick Piggott (Coach), Colin DeLucchi(Manager/coach), Andy Drinkell(Assistant Manager), Flynn Drinkell, Dan Arnold, Hudson DeLucchi, Will Grisley, Freddie Steward, Ben Lockwood, George Bowman, Tyler Murphy, Jack Ashford, Charlie Nunn, Charles Rogers, Toby Adams

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