ECB Play-Cricket Update

ECB Play-Cricket Update

ECB Play-Cricket Statement

Dear Play-Cricket Administator,

A week has passed since the introduction of the new Play-Cricket site, and we have added all previous clubs to the new site. Despite significant pre-testing we have encountered some unintended problems which are listed below and ask you to add to this list if you find something on your site that doesn't work.


We are concerned that our communications didn’t reach some of you, and that the release came as a surprise. One crucial change is that your club site address is now, there is no '/home/home.asp' any more. We were aware of a problem with people who liked to reference their site with 'www.' in front of ''. This has now been fixed. Google will still direct people to the correct web address.


Frustratingly, we have had some teething problems that we didn’t manage to trap in testing. We have listened and here are the 6 that matter to you most:


Welcome messages

Not everyone’s welcome messages were successfully transferred to the new site. Instead you got a rather unhelpful message saying “Please insert your welcome message here. Please click on the link below for assistance”. For those of you that haven’t updated your website yet, we will be rectifying this by creating a new template that you can apply to your site. We hope to have the template available next week.

For those of you that have modified your websites, don’t worry, we will not be touching your sites. If you have lost your welcome message (custom code) please contact the Play-Cricket Helpdesk, who will be happy to provide you with this code.


News, documents and photos

It is taking longer than expected to transfer all news, documents and photos from the old Play-Cricket sites. Do not worry, nothing has been lost. We will be completing the transfer in the coming days. Also, a bug has also come to light that means that for some, the filters are not behaving as they should, and photos are not displaying as they should. We are investigating these problems and hope to have a resolution within two weeks.


Logging in to view statistics

If you log in then you will find you have the ability to drill-down into the statistics wherever there is a

hyperlink. The reason a user has to log in to get their statistics was a requirement of the new system we received from our focus groups, as it would drive players and interested parties to keep their details up to date. This then makes life easier for the club and league administrators. However, we have received a number of queries about this so we will remove this constraint and make statistics open to all as per the old Play-Cricket. We will investigate this and implement in the coming weeks.


Viewing all players

An option is missing from one of the filters on the statistics page to show all players which has meant that you can only see a maximum of your top 100 club players. This will be reinstated and we hope to have this done in the coming weeks.


Internet Explorer 9 compatibility

Not all IE9 browsers appear to be the same, so we are noticing that some people’s IE9 browsers are not able to view sites properly at all, while others are. We are working on a fix for this and hope to have it released by the time you read this email. In the meantime, if you are able to, an upgrade to IE10 or using Chrome, Firefox or Safari will avoid this problem.


Emailing from the site

Some of you are experiencing difficulties with emailing from your site. We have a fix for this problem which we hope to have rolled out by the time you read this email.

Functionality that we are working on rolling out in the coming weeks based upon your feedback includes…


Hyperlinks to other sites

When viewing scorecards, fixtures, results and statistics, when various leagues, clubs and teams are mentioned, these should be hyperlinks to enable you to go to those sites and view their stats. We will re-introduce this functionality over the coming weeks.



We will shortly be rolling out the Administrators Forum again. Club forums with all of your historical postings are scheduled for next year before the season starts.


Site usage statistics

We will be rolling out site usage statistics and summary page statistics in a later release.


Printer friendly pages

Some of you have requested a feature to print out the scorecards, team-pickers and league tables etc. We will look into this as a matter of urgency and schedule it for release.

The good news is that we can see that many of the you have been giving your new club and league sites your own particular look and feel, here are a few examples:

Didsbury CC

Rockliffepark CC

Gloucestershire County Cricket League

Upton St Leonards CC

Oxton CC


Please continue to let us know how you're getting on and if you experience any problems please call the Play-Cricket Helpdesk at

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