Play-Cricket Update

Play-Cricket Update

Play-Cricket Update ( March 2014 )


We have been busy working on the Play-Cricket system and put a new release live again this week. We are very pleased to see that you have also been busy getting your clubs and sites ready for the coming season. Keep those sites coming in, we love to see what you are doing.

The areas we have concentrated on this time are as follows:

User Registration Process

In the spirit of reducing the administrative burden on cricketers, there is a revised user registration process which is now asking for less information to be submitted in order to become a registered Play-Cricket user.


We have fixed some bugs in the Fixtures section of the site, including removing restrictions on teams playing fixtures on the same day; allowing fixtures to be changed from home to away and vice versa; some minor problems in fixture generation and team deletion function.


By popular demand, we have made it possible to access scorecards as a webpage in their own right, rather than as a pop-up window. This means that for those of you with external, non-Play-Cricket sites, we have created the ability to create quick links to scorecards to include in your sites.


We had been experiencing intermittent problems with the site email features. We believe that we have now fixed these so do let us know if you experience any problems.


We have tidied up some of the functionality in the matching and registration areas of the site, particularly when matching league registered players, to make the matching process easier to administer.

The Photo Gallery

We continue to work our way through the photo gallery problems. In this release, as well as fixing some minor usability bugs, we have addressed some of the navigation issues and also the performance of the site when there are a lot of photos in an album – some of you have over 3000 photos in your albums. The system should now be behaving a lot better.


Some of you were occasionally experiencing the message ‘Something went wrong’. We have upgraded our load-balancing infrastructure this week to address this problem.

What’s Next?

We are currently working on improvements to Cup and League Registered Player functionality and will provide an update in due course. You will also be able to download statistics, members, fixtures and results data from various parts of the site.

Please can you continue to contact the Play-Cricket helpdesk ( if you experience any problems and importantly for us continue to tell us if you have done something clever or created a particularly beautiful site as we love to see what you are doing with your Play-Cricket sites.

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