Play-Cricket Early Season Update

Play-Cricket Early Season Update

Play-Cricket Update - 1st May 2014

We are delighted that, for most clubs, the season is up and running. We recognise that a few of you have had difficulties, and since our last bulletin new releases have gone in which have made a number of improvements. We are also scheduling further improvements.

Thank you for all of the feedback. Your suggestions, concerns and questions are shaping our day-to-day priorities. Keep developing an improving your sites. We love to see your good work.

The areas we have concentrated on for the latest release are as follows:


We have added the ability for administrators to download data from different parts of the site, including members, fixtures, results and statistics. We know that you need to use the information in Play-Cricket in other systems, spreadsheets and websites so this seemed the best way to do it.


We have corrected a number of bugs in the Fixtures features where home venues were displayed instead of away venues, where ampersands were not displaying correctly, where dates were not formatted correctly, and where draw information was being confusingly displayed. We have also corrected the bug which stopped you setting up next season’s fixtures from last season. There was also an issue with setting up pairs fixtures for unadministered leagues which has now been resolved.


We have fixed the situation where the error message “We’re sorry something went wrong” appeared when putting in summary results.


We have corrected a number of bugs in the Cups area of Play-Cricket. In certain situations we were incorrectly counting the number of teams in a cup competition. You were also not able to create a cup competition with the same name as the previous year and under certain circumstances you were unable to create and amend cup draws. These have both now been fixed. The issue with unadministered division draws defaulting incorrectly on some occasions has also been resolved and the associated data has been fixed.


There were two bugs relating to divisions. One that prevented you reactivating archived divisions in certain situations, and one that prevented you adding new divisions in specific circumstances. These have both been mended.

League registered players (LRP)

We have made a lot of improvements and fixes to the LRP features in the site. A number of areas where the ‘Sorry something went wrong’ message was returned, have been fixed. We have fixed a problem where people dropped off the list of rejected nominations, and we have added pagination where the number of nominations is particularly long. We have improved the matching criteria where some matches were being missed. We have changed some of the date entry fields to be consistent with the rest of the site. Also in some situations the membership transfer process was not working as expected. This has now been fixed. Also, we have performed some ‘behind-the-scenes’ improvements to the performance of this part of the system and to the selection process.

Photo gallery

A security patch has been applied to the photo gallery to ensure that clubs are unable to view photos in other sites after a loophole was discovered in the system.

News and documents

The issue where administrators were unable to see old news and documents in the administrator section, and therefore unable to make them active or inactive, has now been fixed. We know this was a particular frustration for a number of you.


We have made some changes to the emailing facility that should decrease the likelihood of some internet service providers treating Play-Cricket emails as spam.

Joining messages

We have fixed the bug that caused any changes made to your joining message in the ‘About Us’ section to be ignored.


Some users were experiencing specific problems relating to the use of Internet Explorer 11 which have now been fixed. Also the display of Calendars was not working properly with all releases of Google Chrome. This has now been resolved.

What’s Next?

The next release will look to fix some of the issues, including the layout of scorecards, that have come to light during the first couple of weekends of the season.

Please contact the Play-Cricket helpdesk ( if you experience any problems and continue to tell us if you have done something clever or created a particularly nice site as we love to see what you are doing with your Play-Cricket.

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