ECB National U13 & U15 Club Competition 2014 Results

ECB National U13 & U15 Club Competition 2014 Results

ECB National Club Competition Results 2014 - U13's & U15's

U13's First Round Matches (note. bold denotes winner)

Great Witchingham vs Sprowston
215-2 vs 62AO

Fakenham vs Brooke
Horsford vs Acle

U13's Second Round Matches (note. bold denotes winner)

Acle vs Great Witchingham
(Acle won on a bowl out)

Topcroft vs Fakenham
 vs Ashmanhaugh & Barton Wanderers
vs Great Melton

U13's Semi-Final Matches (note. bold denotes winner)

Acle vs Topcroft

Ashmanhaugh & Barton Wanderers vs Swardeston

U13's Final Match (note. bold denotes winner)

Acle vs Ashmanhaugh & Barton Wanderers



U15's First Round Matches (note. bold denotes winner)

Swardeston vs Fakenham
81-2 vs 82-2 (16 over match)
Acle vs Ashmanhaugh & Barton Wanderers

Mulbarton vs Brooke

Great Melton
 vs Great Witchingham

U15's Second Round Matches 
(note. bold denotes winner)

Ashmanhaugh & Barton Wanderers vs Sprowston
75-3 vs 73-4

Brooke vs Lowestoft
Horsford vs Great Melton
(Great Melton won by toss of a coin)
 vs Sheringham

U15's Semi-Final Matches (note. bold denotes winner)

Ashmanhaugh & Barton Wanderers vs Brooke

Great Melton vs Fakenham

U15's Final Match (note. bold denotes winner)

Ashmanhaugh & Barton Wanderers vs Fakenham


Please note the guidelines for inclusion of girls in the ECB National U13 & U15 Cup Competition. So far as the age is concerned. (please note bold writing below)

In response to a number of requests the ECB has issued the following guidelines concerning girls playing in boys cricket:

·         The ECB wishes to encourage the development of girl cricketers and is happy for them to participate in boys cricket

·         Team managers and coaches have a duty of care to all players and girls should only be allowed to participate if the responsible adults are satisfied that they are competent to do so

·         Suitable arrangements need to be in place, particularly relating to changing facilities and transportation arrangements, if applicable. Please refer to the ECB Safe Hands policy


In ECB national competitions the age group requirements apply to all players regardless of their sex


In local Leagues and other competitions it is up to each League or competition to specify the age group requirements. If girls who are older than the specified age group are allowed to play the League must specify a maximum age for the girl players and confirm how many older girls can play in any team. The same regulations must apply to all clubs in that League or competition

·         For the sake of clarity it should be understood that boys cannot play in girls' leagues or competitions unless explicit provision for this is included in the rules of that League or competition. Boys cannot play in the ECB girls competitions

Any questions relating to these guidelines should be referred to the ECB Cricket Department at Lord?s ? 020 7432 1200 or

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