Important CASC Update for existing and new clubs

Important CASC Update for existing and new clubs

All Cricket CASCs have recently been written to by HMRC. From April 1st 2015 the CASC qualifying conditions have changed. Clubs are being asked to check whether they now meet the new qualifying conditions.


Please see below (downloadable pdf's) cricket CASC registrations updated to include December 2014. This is the very latest list we have.If you are in any doubt whether your club is a CASC registered club please check this list - the clubsfrom Norfolk are on page 21.


If any of the attached addresses or postcodes are not up to date, the club should contact HMRC immediately as it is vital they have up to date details.


HMRC have written to all clubs in late June with an outline of the new qualifying conditions and what they have to do by 1st April, 2016 (please see a copy letter attached).


CASC clubs must be aware that they cannot ignore this information and must respond accordingly.


Details of the HMRC communications are attached below on the downloadable pdf.



pdf Letter to CASCs June 2015.pdf

pdf Cricket CASC Registrations - December 2014.pdf

pdf CASC Checklist.pdf

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