NCB Directors Statement - CAG Helmet Safety Standards

NCB Directors Statement - CAG Helmet Safety Standards

NCB Directors Statement - New Stance Adopted Following Key ECB Helmet Safety Guidelines

The NCB Directors were asked to look at the issue of our County Age Group Cricketers and whether they had to comply fully and immediately with the ECB Guidance on new helmet standards. Concerns had been raised by coaches and managers as to the quality of some helmets in use at County Level and it was felt that this was an opportunity to improve this situation.

The NCB had their Board meeting on Tuesday evening and after a lengthy discussion it was agreed that NCB would make it MANDATORY, and with immediate effect, for all CAG players to have a helmet that meets the new standard. This is to ensure that every child has the best possible protection at a consistent level across all age groups.

The Directors fully appreciated the potential cost implications for parents here, but felt that safety and consistency were of paramount importance and hope that parents will agree on this matter, ensuring that their child is protected as best as possible. This also ensures that NCB discharges its duty of care and maintains valid insurance cover for all activities, both as an organisation and for its staff.

Should any parent have genuine hardship difficulties as a result of additional costs incurred then there are options that can be explored, initially by raising these concerns in confidence with the relevant age group manager. This can then be passed to NCB staff as appropriate.

Please share this with all your players / parents.

The latest ECB guidance and list of helmets that meet the standard can be found here: . This list is being regularly updated by ECB.

Full ECB Statement -

For more information - please contact NCB Development Director Kieron Tuck


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