Ground, Weather & Light (GW&L) - Umpires Guide (Jan 2016)

Ground, Weather & Light (GW&L) - Umpires Guide (Jan 2016)

The ECB & ACO have released an extensive document for umpires relating to Ground, Weather & Light when deciding whether it is safe for play to take place or not. Please make yourself aware of the guidance!

Released: 1st January 2016

This guide represents the key issues and actions umpires should consider in reviewing GW&L issues caused by weather conditions (other than lightning).

In order for play to start, continue or resume, both umpires (subject to point 9 below) should agree, at all times, that conditions do not present an actual and foreseeable risk of injury to any player or umpire. To help to establish this, the following questions should be considered by both umpires. The state of the game, or the views of either team, should have no bearing on the answers.

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pdf Ground Weather & Light ACO Document.pdf

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