Clubs reminded of their obligations when Friendly Matches are cancelled

Clubs reminded of their obligations when Friendly Matches are cancelled

Friendly Cricket plays a key part in what the local cricket scene has to offer. Many players prefer friendly cricket and it should not be treated lightly. Therefore the NCB are asking that club pay the necessary respect to this format and most importantly to opponents who rely on friendly cricket to keep their players happy and engaged with cricket.


The Norfolk Friendly Alliance have observed that many games are being called off at very short notice which creates numerous problems. They (on behalf of their regular friendly club members) ask that the following considerations are made.)


* Ask players the previous weekend if they are available so you have an idea as to whether the game will go ahead

* If it looks difficult, inform the opposition immediately to discuss the situation

* If the game has to be called off, please do so by the middle of the preceding week (not the night before)

* Discuss the possibility of playing with fewer than 11 players, or even borrowing players from the opposition to #GetTheGameOn


Late cancellations can have big impacts on clubs around finances, catering, volunteers and of course player retention. We all know of course that getting 11 players can be difficult but NCB and The Friendly Alliance would like to remind all clubs to communicate with each other if there are difficulties and to be considerate to your opponents.


Here's to a successful 2016 season.


NCB May 2016.


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