NEW! MCC Laws of Cricket

NEW! MCC Laws of CricketNEW! MCC Laws of Cricket

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A new Code of the Laws of Cricket has been drafted and approved by the M.C.C. Committee.  The Code, to be titled Laws of Cricket 2017 Code will come into force on 1st October 2017.  The last time that a new Code of Laws was written was in 2000. With the way the game has evolved since then, there have been 6 Editions of that Code, with changes made in 2003, 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2015.  It was felt that the time was right for a new Code of Laws, providing a chance to review all the Laws, to make some significant alterations and to tidy up many of the piecemeal changes made since 2000.

The guiding objectives behind all the changes have been:

•  to make the Laws work in a way that makes sense to players, umpires and spectators;
•  to make the Laws as easy as possible to understand and interpret for new umpires, particularly those for whom English is not their first language;
•   to minimise the likelihood of types of misconduct that have been causing players, and particularly umpires, to leave the game;
•   to make the Laws as inclusive as possible to all who might play, umpire or watch cricket.

The redrafting process has taken nearly three years and has been driven by M.C.C.’s Laws sub-committee, comprising the following people:

Russell Cake (Chairman)
former First Class and league cricketer.

Stan Bennett*

Recreational player then umpire; umpire educator and assessor; former Chairman of ACU&S Technical Committee.

Deborah Burns*
Umpire; ECB ACO Tutor; former County Education Officer and member of ECBACO Level 2 Taskforce

Alan Fordham*
ECB Head of Cricket Operations (First Class), responsible for writing ECB’s playing regulations; former Northamptonshire cricketer. 

Chinmay Gupte

former First Class and league cricketer.

John Jameson*
former England and Warwickshire cricketer; former First Class umpire; umpire educator.

Chris Kelly

ECB Umpires’ Manager; former First Class umpire; former ICC Umpires’ & Referees’ Manager; recreational cricketer.

Paddy O’Hara
former league cricketer and International umpire in Ireland; former ACU&S tutor; umpire assessor and mentor in Northern Ireland ACU&S; former ICC Europe assessor.

John Stephenson*
M.C.C. Assistant Secretary (Cricket); former England, Essex and Hampshire cricketer.

Fraser Stewart*
M.C.C.’s Laws Manager; former Minor Counties & league cricketer.

Simon Taufel
former ICC Elite Panel Umpire; former ICC Umpire Performance and Training Manager; Cricket Australia’s Match Referee & Umpire Selection Manager.

Mark Williams*
M.C.C.’s Laws Advisor; former Minor Counties cricketer; County 2nd XI umpire; ECB ACO Tutor.

*denotes membership of the Laws Drafting Group

pdf 2017-Law-Changes-Summary-Paper.pdf

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