Play-Cricket Scorer Pro - Download NOW!

Play-Cricket Scorer Pro - Download NOW!

Play-Cricket Scorer Pro - Download NOW!

ECB is delighted to bring free software for laptop scoring to recreational cricket and the professional game ahead of the 2018 season. Play-Cricket Scorer Pro, a professional digital scoring product, is a fabulous addition to the Play-Cricket family that brings laptop scoring with analysis capability for the dedicated scorer. Bringing a complete scoring package for the first class and recreational cricket game. It’s powered by NV interactive, with over 10 years’ experience in scoring, and providers of both digital scoring for the NZ cricket team and data and analysis for the High Performance team in Loughborough and 18 First Class Counties.

Laptop scoring software, designed by scorers for scorers.

Key features of Scorer Pro include:

- Live scoring on a laptop (including Apple Macs via parallel software)
- Offline working
- An analytics engine and advanced stats wizard
- Integration with, LED scoreboards and replay screens, websites and social media.

You will be able to access a clubs’ Play-Cricket database of players and teams, use pitch maps, keyboard shortcuts, easy editing and undo, and configure the setup to meet your own needs and preferences. Score a game using the new laws of cricket, with only one click to score a ball.

Download Play-Cricket Pro Scorer

Play-Cricket Scorer

Play-Cricket Scorer Launched in 2017, PCS was developed for the casual scorer and used by over 25k on a mobile device. Updated throughout the winter, the app now includes batsman and bowler wagon wheels, manhattans and scoring worms.

- Various walkthrough guides have been developed:

- Further details can be found here:


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