GDPR Update from ECB (02.05.18)

GDPR Update from ECB (02.05.18)

ECB UPDATE, 2nd May 2018


Following our previous correspondence relating to GDPR, we have worked with many people from all areas of the game to help provide more detailed guidance as to what you need to do. As you can appreciate, with so many stakeholder groups within cricket, this has taken more time than we anticipated – thank you for your patience. Although addressing GDPR appears daunting, it is very much a positive thing, particularly for individuals. There will be less noise and more trust in organisations that people wish to be associated with - this can only be a good thing for organisations within recreational cricket.


The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) have continued to reassure organisations about the 25 May deadline and recently stated, ‘For those that feel there is work to be done – and there are many of those – I want to reassure you that there is no deadline. 25 May is not the end. It is the beginning.’ As we understand it, so long as you have begun working towards being compliant and can prove that you are introducing new data protection measures, you should have nothing to be overly concerned about.


New GDPR Documents

We have setup a new page for GDPR on our website to house the documents we’ve created specific to cricket. New documents include:


-          GDPR Top Tips

-          FAQs

-          Adult Membership Form template

-          Junior Membership Form template


Some of you may also be familiar with the Sport and Recreation Alliance who are the umbrella body for sports. They have produced a useful toolkit relevant to all sports. It is worth having a look in addition to the cricket specific documents above, particularly for clubs that for example hire out their facilities; have CCTV or who are multi-sport venues.


There continue to be many questions in relation to Play Cricket. This is a complex system and we continue to work towards improving it for all users and players within it alike. Clubs, leagues and other associations that use Play-Cricket should continue to advise individuals that they use the system for record keeping. Clubs, leagues and association should make sure that they only provide administrator rights to named committee members and ensure that those who log in as club or league representatives are reminded of their responsibilities to use the data only as advised to members in the privacy notices.


We will continue to inform the cricket network of any GDPR updates when necessary.


Again, thank you for your patience.


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