Umpiring and scoring news update from NACO - Jan 2019

Umpiring and scoring news update from NACO - Jan 2019

NACO Update for NCB Newsletter by Nigel Crickmore     

Umpire Training Courses

Stage 1 & 2

NACO held Stage 1 and 2 umpire training courses over 2 Sundays in October. These courses were for those intending to take up umpiring for the first time and those who want to enhance their knowledge to enable them to potentially join the panel or to just be club umpires.

There were 18 attendees on the courses 9including one from Cambridgeshire), and it hoped that many of these will want to join the panel as we are always looking out for more umpires to help us cover more Alliance matches on Saturdays plus marches on Sundays and Midweek which include County Youth matches, School competitions and other representative matches.

If there is anyone interested in becoming an umpire please get in touch. If there is enough interest from clubs etc. we can look at arranging universal Stage One type programmes for Norfolk clubs should there be a request for this – these presentations could be run on a regional basis if need be. If they do take place at this sage we cannot guarantee the timing.

Once someone goes through the course and looks to join the panel we continue to support them with their development. No one is left to fend for themselves and they will have a mentor, who will be an experienced umpire, who will stand with them for their first few games. This will allow them to assess and guide the ‘new’ umpire in a way that helps them gain confidence and enhance their skills in a practical environment. This is an ongoing process that will continue throughout their career as an umpire. We have a Performance Officer (Ian Lovick) who manages this process working with the Appointments Officer and Education Officers.

To this end we are currently looking to set up a small panel of observers to help with this programme of development for new umpires.

Our training has been commended by the national ECB ACO over the years and the proof of this are the number of umpires who have attained the various levels of development and gone on the umpire in the EAPL, Minor Counties plus even up to First Class.

For further info on the universal stage 1 for clubs mentioned above please contact the Brett Gates at

Stage 3

We are currently looking into the possibility of running a Stage 3 course in the new year. This is for those umpires who have experience and now want to enhance their knowledge with a view to progressing to EAPL level and maybe even further. Details of this will be advertised in due course and attendees will need to book their place on the ECB ACO website.

Scorers Training Courses

We have over the past couple of years enhanced our Scorer training programme. This has resulted in an increase in scorers going through the course to attain the appropriate level of certification on their ability as a scorer.

We are looking to run our next Scorers courses in February 2019 and these will be run by Allison Bradnock who is now been accredited by the ECB to run these courses.

The courses will be open to any scorer or potential scorer in Norfolk who wishes to become a scorer and enhance their skills.

For further information please contact the Scorers Officer Allison Bradnock at


Nigel Crickmore

County Appointments Officer | Norfolk Association of Cricket Officials

Jan 2019

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