Club Welfare Officer Newsletter - Jan 2019

Club Welfare Officer Newsletter - Jan 2019

Norfolk Cricket Board: Newsletter for Club Welfare Officers 2019

It is over a year since I took over as County Welfare Officer and I have been on a steep learning curve!  It has been a pleasure to meet many of you through Safe Hands and through visiting Clubs and I hope to meet many more of you throughout 2019. I thought it would be useful to give all Club Welfare Officers a few reminders and inform everyone that I am always available to take calls and to respond to concerns and questions when they arise.

1) Firstly, thank you so much for all you do for cricket in Norfolk.  I am working quite closely with the ECB and it is clear that, from the very ‘top’ of cricket, welfare and safeguarding are at the heart of the agenda. An excellent resource for all Club WOs is the safeguarding page on the ECB website ( and there you will find the statement that ‘the ECB is firmly committed to providing an environment that is safe and welcoming for children to enjoy the game’.  In Norfolk we want to ensure that young people are keen to get involved in cricket and that the Club environment, in which they play, is a happy, welcoming and safe one.  Nothing that happens within a club should deter young people from being keen to return and, hopefully, begin a lifelong love of the sport.

2) I know that many, if not all, Norfolk Club WOs are on the Management Committee of their Clubs.  Your role on the Committee is crucial and it would be really good if you could have a regular spot on the agenda so that you can advise on best practice and provide support to the club on safeguarding issues and procedures. All the policy documents that need to be adopted and displayed are in the Safe Hands booklet and on the ECB Safeguarding website.

3) One of the biggest issues we faced last season both in Norfolk and nationally is the issue of inappropriate language being used on and off the field.  All teams need to be conscious of the way that players address each other and the way that a home team interacts with the visiting team.  Even if the home team does not have U18 players (including girls), the visiting team may well contain girls or young people and anything said that can cause offence or be classed as harassment needs to be avoided.  I would be grateful if this could be raised within all clubs. If you become aware that sledging/banter becomes inappropriate or sexual in content you need to have conversations with team captains and the people concerned and please do not hesitate in contacting me for support.

4) The Safe Hands courses for 2019 are taking place in March and we hope that all those who need to be included have been contacted.  If you have missed the invitation to attend please contact Dave Bowker by email ( The ECB also requires that Club WOs should attend The Safeguarding and Protecting Children Course run, in Norfolk, by Active Norfolk (

5) Finally, a DBS reminder. As your Club’s DBS verifier you should know the list of people in your Club who require a DBS check. Some Club WOs ask me who should check them when they have to renew their DBS!  Please use a Club WO from a neighbouring Club, Kieron Tuck, Kevin Denmark, Lewis Denmark or myself – a quick email to one of us and we can recommend the easiest way to go about this.

Lastly, Please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with me if you need any advice, reassurance or support.  My landline is 01603 880556 (we have a poor signal at home so using our landline is often more reliable).  Mobile: 07775088190. Email:

Liz Plater
Norfolk Cricket Board – County Welfare Officer
January 2019

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