Norfolk High Schools Cricket Leagues - Summer 2019 entry now open!

Norfolk High Schools Cricket Leagues - Summer 2019 entry now open!

We are delighted to announce that we are now accepting entries for the 2019 High Schools Cricket Leagues in summer 2019.

A full letter and entry form are available to download on the pdf below, but some key points are:

* The Leagues will in 2019 be sponsored by Cozens-Hardy
* The Leagues are only open to State Schools
* The softball competitions at Y7 & Y8 had a completion rate of over 90% in 2018
* Flat fee - £15 entry per school gives access to as many age groups / teams as you want to field
* Entries must be in by March 31st
* In 2019 all teams will be 8-a-side to make it easier for schools to get teams out, and to give a better game to those playing

We are especially keen to see more entries at the softball Y7 & Y8 levels to continue the move to more accessible forms of the game for all players. But don't take our word for it! Ben Player, PE Lead at Framingham Earl HS said of the 2018 Softball competitions...

“The new softball league format is a great way to build students confidence in cricket. Students felt they didn’t need to be a “cricketer” to enjoy a game of cricket. It allowed all players to contribute significantly to games and the quick pace of the format meant players remained engaged throughout the game. The fixtures we had last year were played in a great spirit with the emphasis on development and teamwork and less about individual performances and results. A number of players progressed from playing softball games to representing the school in hardball cricket and even onto club cricket. A great success and we look forward to games in 2019”.

If you have any queries about the competitions then please contact the organiser, Jack Southgate. His contact details are listed on the pdf below.

We look forward to receiving your entries in the coming weeks ahead of the MARCH 31st deadline.

NCB Jan 2019


pdf Norfolk Schools Cricket Leagues Entry Letter 2019.pdf

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