#GrabLifeByTheBalls - a message from one of our Sponsors!

#GrabLifeByTheBalls - a message from one of our Sponsors!

You may be aware that It’s On The Ball, a Norfolk based Testicular Cancer Charity are the sponsors of this years NCB Over 40 Cricket League, and the NCB Breckland Indoor Cricket League. It’s On The Ball seeks to increase awareness of testicular cancer and also develop improved support for those suffering from this form of cancer.

As part of our sponsorship deal, the NCB has kindly agreed to assist the charity in spreading its message across the cricket network in the county. In the next few weeks you will receive a small pack containing examples of our posters and information leaflets. All we ask is that you display the posters in your clubhouse, or changing rooms. The posters are designed to encourage men to check themselves regularly for the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer – 98% of cases are treated successfully if detected in its early stages. If you require any further posters/flyers please contact the charity via email: info@itsontheball.org.

We can also provide clubs with pitchside banners, and if you wish to fundraise on our behalf, we can supply a range of saleable items such as badges, wristbands, & keyrings, as well as drink bottles, and thermal mugs. We can even come and run a quiz night at your club if you’d like to organise a fundraising social event on our behalf.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we are always willing to come and give a testicular cancer awareness talk to your team members. Testicular cancer predominates in the 15 to 35 year old age group, and is the most common form of cancer in young men, although it can affect men much later in life as well.

The talk is suitable for male & females aged 14 and over. If you are interested in inviting us to your club please contact via email: info@itsontheball.org.

Hopefully we’ll get to meet many of you at sometime over the season at one NCB event or two!


Vince Wolverson
Chairman It’s On The Ball
March 2019

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