One League Update from NCB (May 2019)

One League Update from NCB (May 2019)

Please find attached an important letter and supporting documents relating to the ‘One League’ proposals being developed by the Norfolk Cricket Board following consultation with clubs and leagues. The Norfolk Cricket Board would be grateful if you could give this information your due attention and share widely with club officials and players.


This message and documents will also be sent via email to:

* Club Secretaries

* Leagues


* Youth Leagues


A follow up ‘key facts’ summary from the NCB is also attached below to help clubs home in on the key points.


NCB, May 2019

pdf ONE LEAGUE LETTER TO CLUBS (Final) 02.05.19.pdf

pdf One League criteria matrix 8 LEVELS v5.pdf

pdf One League Structure 8 LEVELS - BLANK DIVISIONS.pdf

pdf ONE LEAGUE bullet points May 2019.pdf

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