SNCL Spring Update 2019

SNCL Spring Update 2019

Team managers’ update May 2019

Welcome to the 2019 SNCL summer season.

Please note the following rules changes for our thirteenth year:


• The U9 rules have been synchronised with those of the Junior Alliance. This should minimise confusion for teams taking part in both competitions. See U9 rules here.

• New pitch lengths will apply this year in line with the ECB recommendations for junior cricket. All youth competitions in Norfolk will follow these. You can find the revised measurements here.

• Compulsory retirement is introduced at U17 level, set at 50 runs.

• Not a new rule but a reminder of rule 4/5 requiring players to swap ends only every four overs. This can reduce the duration of 16 over games by twenty minutes. There is nothing to be gained by prolonging fixtures, particularly evening ones, when the weather is cooling and the light fading.

• New Girls League. Separate rules apply here designed to maximise participation and increase enjoyment. See these here.


Late result penalties will continue to apply (2 points to the home team) for those submitted more than 48 hours after the fixture. Our online forms function across all browsers and devices and early notification is always appreciated. You should also submit a no result when a timetabled fixture, for whatever reason, fails to be completed. Approximately 30% of games across all youth leagues are never played – that’s a lot of cricket.


Please consider providing a match report, no matter however brief, when submitting your result. These are widely read across our platforms. Thank you to those who did so last year. If you write a resume for your own club’s website, please don’t forget to forward us a copy.


Team and/or individual photographs are always welcome for publication. These generate considerable publicity on our pages and help to promote the game. Submission of these has historically been very poor. Please let’s all try a little harder this summer. E-mail them (preferably uncompressed) to us at this address.


Thank you all again for your continued support. Good luck everyone.


* A small number of contact details have been withheld from open publication. These have been circulated separately. Please contact us if you need these again.


SNCL May 2019

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