Cozens-Hardy High School Competition Winners 2019

Cozens-Hardy High School Competition Winners 2019Cozens-Hardy High School Competition Winners 2019

The Norfolk High Schools Knock-Out Competitions are kindly sponsored by Cozens-Hardy and remain a popular offer for school across Norfolk. We have 7 competitions that run throughout the summer months and special thanks must go to John Chilvers and Richard Somerford who administor these competitions

2019 High School Knockout Competition Winners

U12 Scott Chad Cup: Framingham Earl
Runner-Up: KES Academy

U12 Bunbury/Blyth Cup:
Norwich School
Runner-Up: Langley

U13 Calder Cup:
Taverham Hall
Runner-Up: Town Close

U14 ECB:
Runner-Up: Langley

U14 Norfolk Shield:
Wymondham College
Runner-Up: Framingham Earl

U15 T20:
Final not played due to very bad weather (Langley moved forward to the regional competition where they reached the semi-final)

U15 Girls Nicola Woodhouse Trophy:
Norwich School
Runner-Up: Langley

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