Carter Cup

The Bob Carter / NACO Cup 2016


There is now a website specifically for the Bob Carter / NACO Cup which is regularly updated and includes all information regarding the new competion merge, fixtures, key contacts and plenty of other information.


Click on the link below:

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Carter Cup / NACO Competitions 2017 Draw!
Round 1 of the Carter Cup / Lady Mary Trophy / NACO Shield were drawn at the Carter Cricket AGM at the end of November 2016. Please click on the link to view the draw for each competition today!


Carter / Naco Cup Competition Fixtute Dates 2016
The Carter Cup / NACO Cup / Lady Mary Trophy / Naco Shield fixture dates including reserve dates for the 2016 season have been released. Read them today!


Bob Carter Cup / NACO Competition Merge
Following meetings between the Carter Cup and NACO committees they have made the decision to merge both competitions into one new and exciting Sunday Knockout Competition that could involve all clubs across the county. Read more now...

Upcoming fixtures
Norfolk Over 40's Social League Details 2019

The Over 40 Club Competition was setup for the first time in the 2013 to give players over the age of 40 an opportunity to play competative yet social games of cricket. Now in its 7th season we have 19 clubs involved. Get involved today!  More