ECB / Norfolk Cricket Board strongly recommended that all qualified coaches hold a valid in-date First-Aid qualification. All Cricket Clubs that run Junior Cricket Activity MUST have a qualified First Aider at the session at all times.

Do I need a First Aid qualification for my coaching qualification?

Previously, in order to pass the ECB Level 2 Qualification, all candidates had to have a valid First-Aid qualification. However, it is no longer a pre-requiste of the new ECB Coach Education Courses (ECB Support Coach, ECB Foundation Coach or ECB Core Coach) in order to pass the courses.

Every First-Aid qualification will have an expiry date, it is important that these qualifiactions are updated as and when required.

Norfolk Cricket Board continue to work with an external company (First Values Training) to deliver First Aid Qualifications for Cricket Clubs. All details can be listed below.

Upcoming Basic First Aid Courses – 3 1/2 Hours

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