The ECB and Norfolk Cricket Board take all Safeguarding issues very seriously. As a result, all clubs in Norfolk are required to appoint a Club Welfare Officer who is trained in Safeguarding and Protecting Children (SPC) and Safe Hands which is the Cricket specific child welfare course.

In addition to this, all club volunteers and coaches who come into regular contact with children are required to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. This also applies to all NCB volunteers and professional staff.

To assist with the monitoring and support of this area, the NCB have a dedicated County Safeguarding Officer who is the point of contact for all Welfare queries from Clubs or County Age Groups.

Norfolk County Safeguarding Officer
Email: HERE
Phone: 01603 880556 OR 07785 722281
(Please feel free to contact Liz with any queries that you may have)

Deputy Norfolk County Safeguarding Officer
(if LIZ is absent) – KEVIN DENMARK
Email: HERE
Phone: 07876 561388
(Please feel free to contact Kevin with any queries that you may have)

Training/Courses (Updated January 2021)

During the current COVID-19 Pandemic all CWO face to face training is temporarily suspended.  CWO’s, whose ‘Safe Hands’ qualification is due for renewal in March 2021, should have received an e-mail inviting you to participate in a two hour on-line webinar which is run by the ECB Safeguarding team. These were run successfully during 2020 and feedback from delegates has been nothing but positive. Once registered you should then also receive an invitation to complete an on SYC qualification.

CWO’s are reminded that to be compliant you should have:

  1. A current Safe Hands qualification
  2. A current SYC qualification
  3. A valid DBS check.

If you are a newly appointed CWO or in the event of any queries please contact Kevin Denmark ( details as above)

DBS Checks/Forms (Updated January 2021)

Please note that DBS checks are now all completed online and normally will be handled by your Club Welfare Officer however during the current COVID-19 Pandemic there is a temporary change to the process with all DBS checks undertaken by either of:

Liz Plater or Kevin Denmark – County Safeguarding Officers – please contact either if you are in any doubt.

The process will be conducted via Video Call.

Once you receive your certificate you are encouraged to sign up for the on-line renewal service where, unless your circumstances change, your check will be automatically updated every 12 months. You will not then receive an updated certificate – existing certificates do not have an expiry date

Please click on the link below which will offer support around NCB Club Safeguarding support.