David Coe Awarded Connecting Communities OSCA

5th October 2020

David Coe has been recognised for his ongoing support to Officials in Norfolk during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

David has been awarded an ECB NatWest OSCA as the Norfolk winner of the Conecting Communities category.

David is secretary of NACO and has led the way in keeping the Umpire and Scorer community, plus anyone else who wanted to be involved, together throughout the Covid crisis in Norfolk.

Some examples of these are detailed below:

  • Producing and distributing the NACO Newsletter and for the reduced season a weekly edition of “The New Cherry”. Both of these received national ECB ACO recognition via Martin Gentle
  • Saturday afternoon “Clubhouse” Zoom calls. These were held at 4PM for anyone that wanted to attend. The latest position on Covid was communicated and then it was an open forum for any subject anybody wanted to raise. We were also lucky enough to have Neil Mallendar, first class umpire, attend one of our sessions. Ben Debenham was also scheduled to join another session but was stopped from doing so at the last minute.
  • Organising Monthly Quiz nights via Zoom. These have been enjoyed by all who have attended and have had several quizmasters.
  • Being the main point of contact and liaison between NACO and NCB for the Saturday League that was introducedPart of the Appointments team to get umpires allocated to these games
  • Social Media. David puts all aspects of cricket on the NACO Facebook site and Twitter feed  

He has done all this whilst going through a difficult time personally. His sister passed away during the Coronavirus, which hit him hard, and he has coped with a couple of health issues.