1st May 2020

All organisations working with children have safeguarding responsibilities and clear requirements placed upon them by legislation and guidance. 

This apples whether you are a club, league panel or another organisation. It is there to ensure safe recruitment practices for individuals who work with children, including policies on when to obtain a criminal records check. 

The roles in cricket that require ECB vetting are: 
– Welfare Officer (Club, League, County) 
– Volunteer Co-ordinator Coach (volunteer or paid, assistant or lead) 
– Umpire 
– Scorer 
– Colt/Junior Manager 
– Age Group Manager 
– Open-Age Team Captain
– Junior Supervisor 
– First Aider/Physiotherapist/Medical Support – All Stars Activator
– All Stars Helper

Online DBS Check
As of late 2017, the ECB have introduced a new Online DBS System for people/clubs to use. This was originally only available to All Stars Cricket Clubs but as of late 2017 this was opened up to all Club Welfare Officers and all roles in cricket. The new system is a 1 to 2 week process compared to the old 6 to 8 week process. It is thought the ECB will start to phase out the old paper process once this is fully up and running.

Benefits of the Online Check
-Everybody who needs an ECB DBS check, or who needs to renew their check, will move to the online system, ending our use of paper application forms except in very exceptional circumstances 
– The system is quick and simple to use. 
– It is much quicker, and most completed clear checks go onto the ECB database immediately.
-Checks have to be started by someone within cricket who knows the applicant and the role they are carrying out. This provides the game with an extra level of security, and prevents anyone from falsely obtaining an ECB DBS certificate if they are not actually involved in cricket. 
– The system generates and send reminder s to applicants if they have not completed their application. 
– All volunteers will be automatically registered with the Online Update service unless they opt not to do so. This will mean, for most, never having to repeat the process. 
– Applicants with a clear DBS certificate will not need to send it anywhere. 
– Initiators of applications can also verify documents, although for ease and convenience, it does not have to be the same person who initiates the application who verifies the documents. 
– Counties manage their own pool of DBS check initiators / ID verifiers 
– The system is easy to use to apply, administer and track applications. 
– Applicants who need to pay for their DBS check can do so through the system (The fee of £44.00 is charged by the Disclosure and Barring Service itself, and payment goes directly to them) 
– The ECB will continue to pay the administrative costs of the checks to Atlantic Data.

Please speak to your Club Welfare Officer if you would like to complete an Online DBS Application. They should have access to this new system and should be able to fully complete the application process.

Welfare Concerns or DBS Help
If you have any welfare concerns please contact the NCB Welfare Officer below:

Welfare Officer: Liz Plater – Click HERE to email

DBS Help/Queries: Kevin Denmark – Click HERE to email