Friends of Norfolk Youth Cricket have charitable aims to raise funds to finance opportunities for young people to participate in the game of cricket, irrespective of background, gender, race, ability or physical status.

FONYC currently support Norfolk Cricket in the following areas:

Norfolk Cricket Board, via the Chance to Shine programme, actively promotes the game of cricket in both primary and high schools across Norfolk. FoNYC offers further support to schools, where necessary, to ensure school competitions are fully supported. FoNYC will consider applications from schools in Norfolk to assist with the purchase of equipment and kit, or to cover relevant expenses, such as travel.

Club Youth Sections
Small grants are available to clubs to promote youth festivals, sustainable coaching qualifications and genuine hardship applications for kits and equipment. Building on the success of girls County Age Group cricket, FoNYC are supporting girls’ cricket at club level and are keen to assist clubs with the introduction of girls’ teams.

FoNYC are keen to support cricket played by young people with disabilities. Norfolk Cricket Board currently run a number of initiatives for disability cricket and FoNYC will consider individual or group applications for financial support and assistance.

County Age Group
FoNYC will continue to support CAG cricket, where required. Currently, FoNYC sponsors a CAG team and more recently the U13’s tour to Cape Town. Individual hardships requests, via the Board, will also be considered for any CAG player.

Donations & Contributions
Contributing to Friends of Norfolk Youth Cricket is a great opportunity for cricket lovers to show their support for the future generation of young cricketers in Norfolk.

Registered Charity: 1177835