Latest ECB Covid-19 Guidance (09.04.21)

9th April 2021

ECB have updated their COVID-19 pages with improved links from the website and updated FAQ’s – mainly on travel, parents and spectators.

What has changed under Step 2 (12th April)?

  • The activities permissible through organised outdoor cricket activity remain the same and therefore existing guidance should be followed.
  • The main changes for cricket relate to outdoor hospitality which is now permissible subject to following government guidance.  The full guidance can be found here.

Whilst spectators are still not permissible, we have updated our FAQ’s to explain what the exemptions are for parents, guests/patrons using your venue for hospitality purposes and what this means if your ground is located within a public open space. Please ensure you read the FAQ’s and full guidance carefully and communicate appropriately to your members. Whilst Government permissions change from 12th April you will still need to complete an updated Risk Assessment and should only move to the next stage if and when you are ready to do so.