NRCA – May Bulletin

21st May 2021

This is to update clubs and players on the work of the Interim Committee following the overwhelming decision in March to create one Saturday cricket league from 2022.

Inaugural AGM

This will be held at Wymondham Rugby Club on Monday 6th December. At about the same time the closing meetings of the NCA and NCL will also take place.

Appointment of Chair

For the first two years of the new league, the Norfolk Cricket Board will appoint the Chair in order to ensure continuity with the work that has been already carried out. In this respect, the Board have agreed to advertise for applicants and this will happen shortly. Details will be on the Board’s website and also circulated to clubs.

Appointment of Administrator

The Norfolk Cricket Board have also agreed to employ a part time Administrator to do essential work for the new League and again this role will be advertised shortly. Details will be on the Board’s website and also circulated to clubs.

Appointment of Treasurer

The new league will require a Treasurer. This will be a volunteer post serving on the Committee. The main responsibilities will be to collect annual subscriptions, fines and payments for the annual presentation evening; and ensure invoices are paid, monitor the league’s finances and produce accounts for the AGM. It is not seen as an onerous role and anyone interested in this position is encouraged to contact David Browne at or on 01603-860997.

Criteria Matrix and League Structure for 2022

Details were re-circulated to clubs immediately before the start of this league season but if you haven’t seen them they are on the Board’s website. For clubs who hope to be promoted to a higher level at the end of this season – and in particular those in NCL Division 1 – you’ll need to be sure that you meet all the requirements for playing at that higher level. If in doubt please contact Lewis Denmark, the Board’s Cricket Development Director on 07826 856359 or

Preparing a budget

The Interim Committee is starting to prepare a draft budget for presentation to the inaugural general meeting in December.

Committee members

The Interim Committee is looking closely at defining the roles to be filled by the individual members of the Executive Committee. We anticipate that some may be filled by members of the Interim Committee but in other cases we will be looking for volunteers from within the club network.

David Browne – Chair of Interim Committee

Phone: 07768 658820

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