NRCA Statement – 27.10.2021

27th October 2021

A letter on behalf of Board Chair, Keir Hounsome.

As all Clubs will know, it has been the intention that the new Saturday League (Norfolk Recreational Cricket Association) would operate from the start of the 2022 season.

The Interim Committee, comprising personnel from each of the existing leagues, the Norfolk Cricket Board, NACO and other individuals, have been working hard behind the scenes to put all the necessary plans in place including the recruitment of people to serve on the Executive Committee. However, we have not currently been able to fill some of the key roles including the Chair and Registration Officer which are seen as fundamental to the new management structure.

Reluctantly, the decision has had to be taken to put the start date back to the 2023 season and this has been endorsed by the Norfolk Cricket Board Directors. An early decision was necessary to give the existing leagues and their committees as much time as possible to start their planning process for the 2022 season and, in this respect, the two leagues have confirmed that they are prepared to continue running in their existing format for the 2022 season.

The Interim Committee and the Norfolk Cricket Board are sorry that we find ourselves in this position but in the circumstances do not believe that there is any viable alternative at this time.

In the meantime, the Interim Committee will continue to work to put plans in place to ensure that the new league will start from the 2023 season. This will provide an opportunity for the Interim Committee to review the existing circulated documents and potential changes that have been proposed.

Keir Hounsome
Chair, Norfolk Cricket Board

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