Indoor Cricket

The Norfolk Cricket Board (NCB) provide a winter cricket offering for all adult players both male and female. The NCB run and oversee a total of five Indoor Winter Leagues covering all corners of Norfolk.

Indoor cricket is a fast-paced, action-packed version of the game suitable for all levels, with easy-to-follow rules and an emphasis on fun and fitness.

Indoor cricket in Norfolk

Rules to get you started:

  • Twelve overs per side
  • Each pair bats for four overs
  • Every player must bowl one over
  • Every wicket is a deduction of five runs from the score
  • Scores begin on 100 runs
  • The non-striker’s crease is 3/4 length down the wicket
  • Played using a specially adapted leather ball


  • Fast, fun and open to all
  • The sports hall environment ensures a faster game and the softer ball makes it more appealing for people with little or no cricket experience to get involved
  • Minimal kit is needed, just bat and gloves. (Full Kit is advised)
  • There are no weather or light restrictions
  • A game only takes about 60 minutes

Who is it aimed at?

Absolutely anyone can play this form of indoor cricket but they would need to be members of one of the Clubs that compete in the leagues.

Where can I play?

The five Competitions that the NCB will run in 2023/24 are as follows:

Breckland Indoor League  Oct-Dec

(Thetford – Sunday evenings & Wymondham Leisure Centre – Friday evenings)

South Norfolk Indoor League Jan-Mar

(Wymondham Leisure Centre – Friday evenings)

West Norfolk Indoor League Jan-Feb

(Lynn Sport – Sunday Afternoons)

North Norfolk Indoor League Jan -Feb

(North Walsham – Sunday Mornings)

Shell Women’s Indoor League Jan-Feb

(Long Stratton Leisure Centre – Sunday afternoons)

These competitions will take place between October & March and in most cases will comprise of a group stage before qualifying for a Finals Day, which is Sunday 17th March 2024 at Wymondham Leisure Centre.

For more information regarding the NCB Winter Indoor Cricket Leagues please contact Andy Boocock  (NCB Club & Community Officer).

League Updates 2022/23


Final-League-Tables-for-Winter-22-23.pdf Download