ECB have recently released their new Inspiring Generations Strategy which focuses on 6 key areas of the game over from 2020 – 2024. One of the priorities is ‘Transforming Women and Girls’ and locally the Norfolk Cricket Board have selected this as one of our own key priorities.

We are committed to providing a service to grow and expand the Women’s and Girls Game which is evolving day by day with more women and girls playing cricket nationally than ever before. The success of the England National team in recent years has had a huge impact of the Women’s game.

This has also been aided by increased awareness for women’s sport creating more opportunities, more sponsorship, more media coverage, the Chance to Shine Programme including ambassadors who regularly attend club and school sessions and much more! In Norfolk we devote time and effort to cater for everyone, whether you have never played before or you play serious hard ball cricket. We have everything from Women’s Softball Festivals through to County leagues both indoor, during the winter, and outdoors in the summer.

Our Women and Girls League Cricket is kindly sponsored by Shell UK.