Women’s Softball Cricket Festivals

Our festivals are all about fun, friends, and family.

So if you’re one of the thousands who’ve already dipped their toes in the water, welcome back, and if you’re thinking about coming along for the first time…what are you waiting for? Everyone’s welcome. Jump in!

You can find Soft Ball Cricket Festivals, nationwide, that will teach you how to play and the basic skills you need. They celebrate this new kind of cricket for women, in all sorts of ways.

Find your festival:

If you are a club looking to run a Soft Ball Cricket Festival or you are looking to join in a fabulous festival please contact Jo Ticehurst (NCB Women & Girls Development Officer).

Expect Fun

Whack some balls, bowl some balls, catch some balls. Run about a bit, laugh more than is good for you. Repeat.

Soft Ball Cricket is about getting out and playing: maximum fun, minimum fuss. No pads, no hard ball, no heavy bat, no head-scratching rules. It’s a game for absolutely everybody, no matter your skill level, fitness, or age. Playing time at Festivals is usually about two to four hours, so it never gets boring!

Turn up and we promise you a warm welcome, coaching, music, and food: basically all the good things about a festival with none of the grunge.

So why not bring friends, kids, and family, down to your local Festival and make a day of it? Oh, and it’s no problem if you want to sign up on your own. We’ll find a team for you and introduce you to all your new team mates.

All you have to do is Find your Festival and register. It only takes a minute, and we’ll get right back to you to confirm your place. If you think you know other women or girls who might be interested, please just share the link.

Women’s Softball League 2021


NEW Women & Girls Softball League 2021 (Ages 13+)
Women & Girls remains a key priority for Cricket in Norfolk in line with the new ECB Inspiring Generations Strategy. NCB are planning to run a new women and girls softball cricket league in 2021 following on the from the successful ECB Softball Festivals during 2019. All clubs are invited, and entries are FREE. (ECB softball cricket festivals will continue to run and clubs are encouraged to run these as per previous years)