Recreational Saturday League Cricket in Norfolk this Summer

1st July 2020

The Norfolk Cricket Board have been working closely with the Norfolk Cricket Alliance and Norfolk Cricket League regarding a return to play this summer and as a result they have agreed to issue a joint statement about the 2020 summer season.

We are hopeful that Step 4 of the ECB Roadmap known as ‘adapted gameplay’ will be reached in early July as suggested by the recent ECB Statements which will see the return of Recreational Cricket in Norfolk.

As we now reach the mid-way mark of the standard league season it has become clear that given the lead in time it is not feasible to run half a league season. Therefore, both the Norfolk Cricket Alliance and Norfolk Cricket League have agreed to cancel their leagues in their traditional format including promotion and relegation for the 2020 summer. This means that the League pyramid in Norfolk will remain unchanged and traditional League Cricket will restart in 2021.

In place of formal league cricket, it is proposed that both leagues will work closely with the Board who will now take the lead to help facilitate suitable playing opportunities for those clubs that wish to play meaningful cricket this summer. The outcome of this Cricket with have no bearing on the 2021 season and therefore no club will be penalised if they are unable to take part or if they do not wish to do so.

It is not yet known what Cricket will look like in the ‘adapted gameplay’ stage but following Government approval and the subsequent release of the ECB Guidance, the Board will consult clubs regarding a proposed playing offer. Cricket Clubs will have to adhere to the ECB guidance before play can safely resume and to help with this, all clubs will be given at least 14 days to prepare their on-field and off-field facilities prior to any formal cricket taking place.

On this note, we fully understand that some clubs may prefer to arrange their own friendly matches outside of an agreed formal structure and this is completely fine. The EAPL have also been included within the discussions, who while they fully support the way forward for the Norfolk Alliance and the Norfolk Cricket League, they themselves are in full readiness for their Clubs once the go ahead to play is given.

Thank you all for your patience and for the great work you have all put in to support the game through this difficult time. We hope that this statement shows a clear message to work together during this difficult period and we hope to see a return to Recreational Cricket soon.

Norfolk Cricket Board
Norfolk Cricket Alliance Management Committee
Norfolk Cricket League Management Committee