Safeguarding – Important DBS update (2024)

1st February 2024

There is still quite a bit of confusion regarding the revised procedures for renewal of DBS certificates particularly where the person is registered for the update service.

The ECB team did produce the attached note for guidance which I thought it worth sharing with you again and by way of further clarification:

Auto Renewal Process.

  • An e-mail reminder will be issued one month before renewal  – if circumstances are unchanged then no action is required.
  • A second e-mail will then be issued – it is important that the holder logs on and consents to renewal taking place – several reminders will be issued. This e-mail can come across as looking like ‘junk’ but the origin of the e-mail is the key factor here.

If the holder does not reply, then the DBS will lapse and this clearance will not be in place. In such a situation you would then need to start again with a new application.

Where auto renewal is not in place.

  • The second e-mail (above) will still be issued inviting the holder to log-on to their account and authorise renewal.

Other things to note.

  • A DBS is now only valid for 12 months.
  • Renewal certificates are no longer issued.
  • You may find the attached summary document a useful addition when deciding who needs a DBS. In summary all those in regulated roles and it should be in place in advance which is particularly relevant for any new captains this coming season.

Please do get in touch if you do have any queries.

Kevin Denmark
Deputy Safeguarding Officer

ECB DBS Update - What to Do Guide