DBS Frequently Asked Questions

I have a conviction, does this mean I cannot coach children or be involved in cricket?

Absolutely not.  Having convictions does not necessarily mean you cannot be involved.  It does however mean that the ECB Safeguarding Team would need to view your original certificate (by posting it to them) for them to check the details, discussing this with you and making an informed decision.

Who will see the content of my DBS?

Provided there is no content, or confusion regarding your name, address or DOB then nobody within cricket will see your certificate. If there is a question around content or other detail, then the ECB will contact you and ask for further information or to see the original certificate. Within the ECB, only specialist officers with the Safeguarding Team will be involved.

What if I ignore the follow up from the ECB?

This would place the ECB in a difficult position. They know that you want to be involved in working with children in regulated activity and that there is something on your certificate that needs clarification/checking. Failure to respond may result in a temporary suspension being imposed from all cricketing activity.

Can I talk to someone about convictions I have before I apply?

We encourage people to speak to their Club Safeguarding Officers, but we recognise that people may be anxious talking to local people/friends about such matters. In such instances do not hesitate to speak to any of the NCB Safeguarding team.

How will Norfolk Cricket know if I have a DBS?

Once completed, some data from certificates is uploaded to a confidential system which can be accessed by the NCB Safeguarding Team. The only data that is visible relates to your personal details, whether you have a certificate and its expiry date. No content data is visible.

Do I have to show my DBS Certificate to my club or anyone in my League?

No. This is your Certificate and it is your data. The only time that anyone may need to see it within cricket is where there is content or confusion regarding your name, address or DOB. In such instance the ECB Safeguarding Team will ask to see it. They will not share any content with your club or league.

Can I become a Verifier, which would really help at my club?

Yes please! Being a Verifier is easy and its free. All you need is an ECB registered DBS certificate yourself. To become a Verifier, drop a short email to anybody on the NCB Safeguarding team, they will be able to invite you.

During Covid-19 lockdown we were able to verify applications through video calls, can we still do this?

Yes, this temporary process remains in place at present, with a small number of verifiers authorised to complete the process. 

I have lived/worked overseas – will I need an overseas ‘Police Check’

If you have lived or worked abroad for 3 months or more in the last 5 years, then you will need an overseas police check alongside your ECB DBS Certificate. There is sometimes a small cost for this, the cost and the process vary from country to country. There is lots of help and guidance available, in particular here.

I have a DBS from another sport or from my employer, can I use this instead of the ECB DBS process?

Sadly no. It is important that each governing body can make their own informed decision around any DBS content. What might be acceptable in one workplace/environment might not be acceptable in another.

Our Under 15’s help at training; do they need a DBS?

DBS’s must be obtained for anyone in Regulated Activity aged 16 or over. Remember, anyone under 18 is still a child in law and they cannot legally coach/supervise children as they themselves are still children!  We do however actively encourage under 18’s to become involved in coaching under the supervision of qualified coaches.

How much does my DBS cost?

Great news – its free for most! If you are a volunteer the initial fee (£40) and annual renewal (£13) is paid for on your behalf by cricket. If, however you are paid to carry out your role, such as a paid coach, then you will have to pay for your certificate (and renewals) personally.

I am a paid coach at Club A and I volunteer at Club B, do I need a certificate at both clubs and do I have to pay?

Whether you are working at 1 or 20 cricket clubs, Cricket only requires one DBS. If you are a volunteer, you are entitled to a free DBS check.

I am an Umpire/Scorer, do I need to pay for my DBS?

If you receive expenses for your role, then you are not in employment. We anticipate most of all cricket officials to be volunteers.

Confused, need help?

Don’t hesitate to contact any of the NCB Safeguarding Team who will be delighted to help.

Norfolk County Safeguarding Officer – MARK CAMPBELL
Email: HERE
Phone: 07917 735469
(Please feel free to contact Mark with any queries that you may have)

Deputy Norfolk County Safeguarding Officer (if LIZ is absent) – KEVIN DENMARK
Email: HERE
Phone: 07876 561388
(Please feel free to contact Kevin with any queries that you may have)

DBS FAQs Document


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