The Club Cricket Charity – Defibrillator Fund

10th August 2021

Three years ago, the ECB, in partnership with The Club Cricket Charity, developed a pilot programme for the supply of a portable defibrillator unit to as many Cricket Clubs and teams as possible. The offer, called the CHT Managed Solution, includes training, local registration with emergency services, insurance, and post stress counselling. This has resulted in over 350 units being distributed across the UK to date.

This year the successful programme has been given further funding by the ECB and the offer is for Cricket Clubs to obtain the full CHT Managed Solution for an outlay of £751.20 inclusive of VAT.  A low price for the opportunity to save a life. This is a heavily discounted figure so, in addition to the Club’s contribution, The Club Cricket Charity makes up the difference of £458 to the supplier.

The Norfolk Cricket Board fully endorse the ECB/Club Cricket Charity offer and would encourage cricket clubs in Norfolk to look at what is being offered.

The Offer

It is called “The CHT Managed Solution” and is available to all Cricket Clubs under the auspices of the England and Wales Cricket Trust. It includes:

1. A portable defibrillator unit (AED)
2. Training
3. Insurance cover against theft, breakage and vicarious liability
4. Registration with local emergency services
5. Post Traumatic Stress Counselling
(Total Cost to a Club in Year 1 is £600 plus an initial fee for payment for replacement parts of £151.21 inc VAT.)

How does this work?

The cost of the CHT Managed solution is £1209.20 inc VAT

A. The AED unit is leased to the clubs for 4 years and no VAT is payable for the unit
B. The ECB Grant is effectively £458 per unit
C. The replacement parts will cost £604.80 at the end of the 4 year lease so we take £151.20 per annum for 4 years to lessen the impact on cash flow.

Next Steps & Sign-Up

If you are interested in this offer, please contact Donna Black at to request a county application form and highlight that you are from Norfolk.